The music was created with heart and soul intact.


After seeing the cover of the motion picture soundtrack album to "2001-A Space Odyssey" at the age of 8, I found myself memorized by the graphics.
I begged my father to buy it for me and this became my first music purchase. Soon after, I began collecting and listening to movie soundtracks. The lure being the strings and dramatic arrangements which most albums of this genre contained.

Throughout this time I was exposed to various styles of popular music - my older sister, Lolly played her top 10 and soul 45's always. So music constantly filled the house. It wasn't until my exposure to club/disco music that the connection was complete. The infusion of disco music during 1975 - 1978 was very experimental and exciting. It wasn't until I desired to have this music to myself for listening pleasure is when I developed my love for disco and pop music.

Throughout the end of the 70's, the 80's and the start of the 90's I used my self-crafted style of music blending and disc jockey runs for various venues and friends. My main focus was to share the music, which I found so beautiful and uplifting. Which is why "disco" music played such an important role in my initial attraction. It was celebratory and the arrangements of "Euro-disco" were flowing such as classical music was noted.

I loved sharing music with others and friends who laid their trust in my selections and love for the art.

I continued to dream of creating my own music from the earful of influences I was experiencing throughout time. One of the most wonderful opportunities came about when a club artist by the name of Sharon Redd back in 1988 told me to, "do it!" These simple words and her beautiful influence gave me the moments to simply pen lyrics to record someday.

Meeting Gary Rader from Rader Recording Studios in 1989 gave me this opportunity. You may hear a few songs, which Rader arranged and helped me with my frail and non-intensive vocals - the objective was to record, what was in my heart and soul. To share these songs with friends and loved-ones was the other reason for their existence.

I hope you will take the time to discover them.

- Glenn Rivera

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